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ROAD WARRIOR TRAVEL HACKS EVERYONE CAN USE. Like a video game with real-world consequences, travel is hackable. In easy-to-use sections, Travel Hacks USA reveals classic and novel solutions to hack the heck out of every air travel, rental car, and hotel eventuality. While your fellow passengers’ journey is unraveling, this book gives you strategies, tricks, and “cheats” to get you where you need to go and make travel smarter, less stressful, and more secure. SAFER TRAVEL DURING COVID-19. Levine simplifies travel-related clinical research to keep you safe on the road. The book provides specific strategies to keep travelers safe from pathogens (including the coronavirus), conquer the fear of flying, reduce the brain-draining effect of travel fatigue, and de-stress every part of your trip. TRAVEL HACKS USA FEATURES STRATEGIES TO: ••Plan your way out of travel problems before they happen. ••Use the power of travel checklists to de-stress travel. ••Reduce the chance of getting pulled over in a rental car. ••Ensure your bag doesn’t get lost. ••Negotiate hotel early check-ins and late check-outs. ••Eliminate “upselling” by car rental employees. ••Make TSA security a breeze. ••Hack travel planning, packing, airports, airplanes, rental cars, and hotels.


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