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The Real Life UFO Transformation of Diane Tessman: A Continuous Close Encounter with Future Man – Space Man



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Many books have been written about UFOs. Some focus on sightings. Others on close encounters. Or even abduction experiences. Its rare to find one that includes all these categories, but also focuses on the life experience of the individual whose very existence has been drastically altered due to the dynamic nature of this phenomena.

The honey blonde, green eyed UFO experiencer underwent a series of face-to-face contacts with her “Special One” at an early age. This unique relationship resulted in a bonding between a cosmic and an earthly soul. Their relationship has lasted all of Diane’s life leading to wisdom about the nature of the universe, include space and time travel.

Diane has acted as a conduit for those seeking personal advise as well as spiritual and cosmic wisdom. Her prophecies concerning earth changes are well established.

This work is a unique, inspiring, fun adventure which offers personal, never before documented, alien and paranormal experiences of a UFO abductee, channel, researcher, and world explorer.

For example, Diane embarked on a metaphysical quest which took her to Ireland to live for 5 years; in her new book, we learn of her experiences with ghosts at the mansion ruins called Summerhill House, and of her personal explorations in the mystical Irish countryside with its phantoms, holy wells, burned-out castles, and mystical Celt vibrations. We travel to the ancient pre-Celt burial mound, Newgrange, as Diane is among those few, honored to witness the sacred sunbeam only at sunrise on the Winter Solstice, as it lights the back wall of the long stone passage.

Now more biographical in nature, Diane has built an entirely new book around the best-selling original TRANSFORMATION, which she wrote in 1983 (also included in this new work as bonus material). For the first time, Diane recalls having had two childhood abductions with a voyager of the galaxy named Tibus; he then channeled through Diane for THE TRANSFORMATION, becoming one of the most popular and respected of voices speaking about space and time. Tibus continues to share his consciousness, offering enlightened messages, warnings, and predictions, and has been pivotal as Diane’s career and lifetime have unfolded.

In THE TRANSFORMATION OF DIANE TESSMAN, personal UFO and paranormal memories are shared from each place she has lived, from the Virgin Islands where she taught school, to Florida where paranormal activity preceded the tragic Skyway Bridge collapse of 1980, to George Van Tassel’s Giant Rock “time travel machine” in the Mojave Desert.

THE TRANSFORMATION OF DIANE TESSMAN is objective scientific research from Diane, who was with both MUFON and APRO, on the nature and source of ghosts, on the possibility that some UFO occupants are time travelers from Earth, and on the 5 types of propulsion aliens use to travel to Earth from distant worlds. Also, respected Ufologist Rich Hoffman shares what the Chief Medical Officer of Wright Patterson Air Force Base shared with him as to the probable home world of the crashed saucer victims.

There is no other UFO book quite like this one, but then, Diane Tessman is unique in the UFO field, both objective researcher, abductee, and also inspired channel of international fame, whom many people have turned to, for hope and inspiration for 39 years and counting.


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