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The Art of Discount Travel: Your Guide to Cheaper Flights & Cheaper Nights



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No matter your travel style, the focus of this book is to help the traveler spend less on flights and accommodations. To that that end, the author Bill Anthony presents dozens of tactics and strategies. Some are super simple and can be put to use immediately. Others have a few more parts, but none are complicated. Each is thoroughly explained. And all are quite workable.

Tucked among other humorous, but spot-on observations, the author shares personal experiences that prove fancier lodging and a comfortable class of service on flights can occasionally cost less than budget hotels and economy tickets. It’s all a matter of knowing where and how to find these sweet deals.

While writing this book, Bill flew to Sweden from California for less than $50. This unbelievably low fare had nothing to do with redeeming frequent flier miles or points of any rewards program. It was simply a short-term promotional fare and available to anyone. No membership of any kind was required and the class of service was regular economy. Snacks, meals, non-alcoholic beverages and a vast array of in-flight entertainment options were included.

Maybe you or someone you know would like to visit – well, you name it – but it’s out of reach financially. You’re thinking years, quite a few years, out of reach. This book aims to change your mind.

From greatly improving your odds of being informed of incredibly low promotional airfares to booking nights in a 4-star hotel for what you consider a good price for a 2-star hotel, The Art of Discount Travel is chockfull of practical cost-cutting information.

Best yet, are strategies for achieving the ultimate discount: free or nearly free. Sometimes scoring a freebie can even be easy and fast. Fast or not, it needn’t be difficult. You will find several avenues to the ultimate discount.


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